Your Thinking Determines The Course Of Your LIfe

It has always been said one is a product of his or her thoughts. The mind perceives the reality and conceives a plan to either embrace or reject the reality. A story is said of a professor that filled a glass of water halfway and asked the class to describe the situation. Some said that the glass was half-full, others said that the glass was half empty while a group said that the glass was more than it was required. How you answer the same question determines your outlook in life. Psychological studies have shown that one’s outlook in life affects his or her judgement and course of actions. Further, it also affects one’s reaction to situations.

Positive thinking does not mean that you should hide in the sand and ignore the problems that are facing you. However, the mode of approaching situations and making judgements shows that one is optimistic in life. Optimism is looking at the brighter side of life. Here are a few facts that you should put in place and maintain positive thinking in life.

Take responsibility for your actions

Many people tend to point fingers at others when they make mistakes in life. This self-defensive behaviour tend to pass on the responsibility for ones mistakes in life to others. The mindset that one’s success or failure is based on the actions of the others creates a situation where one becomes dependent on others and not self-dependent. It also creates carelessness acting on different situations that one is faced with. Do not play victim; take responsibility for your life.

Get positive people around you

It is good to hang around friends that give constructive and honest opinions. Friends that always whine about different problems every time poison your mind. This makes you see situations on negative light. Likewise, it is also advisable to keep away from friends that pamper you with praises even when you have made decisions that are good. Good friends will critic careless decisions and advise you to change.


The value of a smile cannot be underestimated. When you smile at someone, chances are that the other person will be smiling at you. It is also good to face difficult situations with a smile. It creates self-confidence and tones down the tension of the moment. Try smiling at yourself at the mirror and it will you will brighten your face!

Accept that you cannot change everything

There is no need of pushing against a brick wall. Chances are that you cannot break the wall with your bare hands. There are situations in life that you cannot change. Accept what you cannot change and move on. However, try changing what you can when you can.

Change your attitude

Some situations need a change of altitude to jump-start. For example, a student may fail to pass in mathematics for he or she hates the subject or the teacher. This creates a wall such that he or she fails to appreciate the subject and eventually misses the concepts. Avoid entertaining negative thoughts on any situation for it clouds your mind and you fail to see an opportunity in waiting. Positive thinking will help reach your goals and aspirations in life with fewer struggles.

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