A Better Understanding of the Law Of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you keep on attracting unwanted people or happenings into your life? The answer squarely lies in the law of attraction which states, that your mental intention, attitudes and your actions draws people and things of the same attitude, intentions and actions to you. Whatever you give your focus attention and energy to will definitely come to you whether wanted or unwanted. Therefore stop asking yourself questions like why do I keep on falling for the wrong person every time and why is this happening to me? This law is actually true as can be seen below.

It’s Starts In Our Thoughts

When we think and act in a particular way we send different messages to people around us. If you are constantly complaining, stressed out, depressed, frustrated and disappointed with what you do, the next person you will attract is a sympathizer or someone who also has the same problem like you do. Instead of someone who will help in getting you out of that situation you will attract someone with the same problem.
It is true to say that when you enjoy what you do, feel enthusiastic, appreciative, loving, prosperous, and peaceful and above all relaxed you will attract successful people; individuals around you will be respectful and happy. You will feel successful even if you are not. It is our state of mind and actions that attract and dictate on the type of people we attract and events in our life. Generally the law of attraction is a very powerful law and we should be careful about who we attract.

This law goes ahead to state that the world around us responds to whatever we offer. If you offer peace, love and appreciation to others the world will offer the same or even more of what you have been offering. The opposite is also true. If you have been untrustworthy, unforgiving and bitter do not expect better treatment from people around you simply you will attract people who think and act like you do.

The other part of the law of attraction that is unknown to many is that when we respond unconsciously to events and things that happen around you, you tend to remain stuck in that position for sometime. It is as a result of this fact that the lives of some individuals rarely change. They remain doing the same things or mistakes over and over. They create a cycle of repetitive reality. If you respond to what you see and observe either positively or negatively and you can not change this attitude or mind set, the universe will send to you what you more of what you have been thinking and seeing. Therefore in order to break this cycle change your attitude and the way you view things and people.

The law of attraction is very clear on who or what you attract into your life as you will only attract people who think and perceive things the same way you do. So if you want to attract open minded people be open minded, if you want to attract people who are appreciative be appreciative yourself.  What you want in your life, you need to feel and think it first.

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